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Having a break in our discreet, relaxing and inviting wellness corner is the most wonderful gift you can give to your body, and your mind.

For a totally relaxing and fulfilling experience in Sicily, at Luna del Raccolto you will find wellness treatments not only for beauty, but also for health.

At any time during your stay, you can make the most of treatments, and let yourself be pampered with relaxing massages and innovative wellness treatments. We have created three ad hoc courses of treatment, prepared to fulfil your requirements: aloe, salt and wine.

Put yourself in expert hands and allow yourself to be pampered, before returning to the routine of daily life. We can promise you a sense of well-being that your body, mind and soul will benefit from.


A few metres from the sea, in the Valderice area, there is now one of the most important plantations of Aloe Aborescens and Aloe Vera, a variety well known for having a multitude of curative properties and benefits. Our treatments use gels and creams from organic plantations that respect nature and human health.

A plant with a thousand different properties; from the leaves of aloe vera a precious gel is extracted, which offers numerous benefits in treatments. Some of the most important of these are purifying, re-mineralizing, soothing, and anti-inflammatory and nourishing effects. Skin that is nurtured and cared for is a mirror of inner well-being and balance, which help us to live better, with respect for ourselves and our bodies.

Aloe | Luna del Raccolto


The precious salt from the Trapani salt pans, which is rich in trace elements and important minerals for human health and the health of our skin, plays a fundamental part in our Wellness Centre. Rich in magnesium and potassium, and low in chlorides and sodium, it is an important ally in the quest for beauty. The salt used in the treatments is important because of its osmotic properties. It helps get rid of excess liquids through the lymphatic system and improves metabolic activity. It is a natural scrub, which has the effect of reducing skin thickening and blemishes, and restoring radiance and beauty.

Salt based treatments are an excellent remedy for rheumatism and pain in the joints and they help counter conditions caused by physical trauma, as well as rebalancing the pH of the skin.

Sale | Luna del Raccolto


The important fertile terroir that is present in the Valderice area, with the precious fruit that its vineyards produce, offers succulent grapes from which a concentration of beauty for the skin is extracted, and this can also be found in our wellness centre. Wine treatments make use of the substances in the skins of the grapes that are rich in vitamins and antioxidants, help combat the signs of ageing in the skin, promote relaxation and prevent the formation of blemishes. Another important aspect is the reduction of free radicals, which damage the cells and age our skin. With wine treatments we can bring back radiance and beauty to our faces.

Wine | Luna del Raccolto