the garden and the kitchen

Vegetable garden | Luna del Raccolto

in the garden with the chef

During the cooking classes with our chef you will have the unique experience of picking produce from the kitchen garden and cooking it with the chef. An authentic experience that will become a precious memory of your holiday in Sicily.

A journey through time and lost memories, picking fresh aubergines from the kitchen garden and then preparing a delicious Sicilian “caponata”. An unforgettable taste experience!

the bbq

How about meeting round glowing embers, sipping a glass of wine, waiting to taste your meal? You can do this at Luna del Raccolto, too.

You can have lunch with other guests, or celebrate an occasion in a light and informal way, enjoying nature, the flavours of the kitchen garden and the produce of our fertile land.

Gathering around the fire is an ancestral sharing instinct, with the embers it also becomes an opportunity for relaxation and taste.

The Embers | Luna del Raccolto

The Orchard | Luna del Raccolto
The Orchard | Luna del Raccolto


Rediscovering the rhythms of nature, following the changing of the seasons and being surprised by the colours that can change overnight. Above all, our orchard is a Mediterranean experience of nature and life. A place where you can breathe in the sweet fragrance of the orange blossom and find some shade in the summer.

Perhaps it will become your favourite place at Luna del Raccolto. In any case, you will certainly enjoy being able to pick fruit and taste it, just as nature offers it.