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wines of territory

The luxury green hotel Luna del Raccolto is situated in an area with a rich biodiversity, and this is magnificently expressed in its wines, which are famous the world over. For this reason, we decided to select mainly Sicilian wines, from wine makers that reflect our approach of respect and care for the land, with exceptional interpretations of local grape varieties.


After an intense and fulfilling day discovering the surrounding area, why not try an appetiser made with local ingredients while sipping on one of our drinks or a glass of fine wine?

Immersed in the calm and beauty of our hotel, allow yourself to be entranced by the view, stretching out as far as the horizon, the colours of the valley, and in the background the Egadi Islands, which dominate the landscape on a clear day. Appetisers may be consumed in the garden and in the sunbathing area.

Appetizers - Luna del Raccolto