the philosophy of the restaurant

Vegetable garden | Luna del Raccolto

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We believe that respect for our planet cannot be separated from respect for ourselves, and what we choose to eat represents who we are, and it is also a measure of how much we care about ourselves and others.

Choosing produce is important for us. We are passionate about working with local farms, in order to share tasty genuine 0 km produce with you, which means our dishes not only taste great but are also sustainable and eco-friendly.

For this reason, we also use produce from our kitchen garden and its protected Slow Food cultivation in our cooking. It is located inside the country boutique hotel and you can visit it yourselves.

domestic pantry

Our welcome is based on the family, and on the warmth that represents home, nurture, and simple, genuine times. We imagined our resort as a Sicilian house that would welcome travellers who want to experience the beauty and warmth of a home from times gone by, from all over the world.

For this reason we thought of a domestic pantry inside the house, in an accessible place and always available, like the real pantries in houses, where you will find fresh produce from the kitchen garden and snacks at all hours of the day. It is an idea that represents the way we see hospitality, as something spontaneous, to be shared, another way to make you feel at home.

Food storage | Luna del Raccolto
Showcooking | Luna del Raccolto
Showcooking | Luna del Raccolto

Show Cooking

Cooking is not just nutrition, cooking is culture, exchange and influences from other societies.

During our Cooking Shows, you will not only discover the secrets of the traditional recipes in our restaurant, with prestigious chefs who will teach you how to prepare typical dishes, you will also learn to prepare them yourselves, so that you can take a piece of Sicily home with you.