the philosophy

green luxury

The hospitality of Luna del Raccolto is based on research, innovation, caring about the environment and attention to detail. The LEED certification guidelines, followed during the renovation of the hotel, are based on sustainability and they recognise the value of aspects like saving energy and water, reducing CO2 emissions, improving the ecological quality of the interiors, the materials and resources used, the design and the choice of location.

Developed by the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC), the system is based on the attribution of ‘credits’ for each requisite. The number of credits determines which of the 4 levels of the certification is awarded: basic, silver, gold or platinum. Luna del Raccolto is in the process of obtaining the highest level, which is platinum.


A return to the warmth and enthusiasm of an authentic Sicilian welcome is at the heart of Luna del Raccolto’s hospitality. We want to make our guests feel at home. As well as accommodation and breakfast, your stay with us also includes meals, aperitifs and drinks. Just like in a house from days gone by, snacks and fresh fruit, picked from the garden of this country boutique hotel, will be on offer to guests throughout the day, from a pantry that is accessible at any time.

Paying attention to the use of resources by taking care to reduce food waste, and refuse in general, the “all inclusive” offer of Luna del Raccolto aims to be as sustainable, and aware of what nature has to offer, as possible. The intention is to experience the beauty of the surrounding area, and all the gifts that it has to offer, with respect and harmony.


Revive is an innovative start-up, which seeks to develop new technological models in line with international environmental standards, including the LEED protocols of the U.S. Green Building Council, aimed at environmental sustainability and the management of energy efficiency. Luna del Raccolto is the first pilot project carried out by the company, with the objective of applying this model in the design and implementation of hospitality projects.


Love for the local area and consideration for the health and well-being of its guests have been the guiding lights in the creation of this country boutique hotel. The design of the hotel is based on the LEED international certification system of the U.S. Green Building Council and we are in the process of attaining the highest level, which is Platinum. Sustainability has been achieved in this luxury green hotel through water management, by reducing consumption and collecting and utilizing rainwater, as well as the production of energy from renewable resources, energy efficiency and a reduction in CO2 emissions. Because human health is at the centre of the philosophy of the hospitality of the hotel, materials and resources that are not damaging have been used, the air quality in the rooms is constantly checked and cleaned, and the life cycle of the building and its waste is managed in an innovative way.

genius loci

In the midst of a beautiful area, full of natural resources, we want all our guests to experience timeless sensations. Seven different itineraries focussing on nature, the parks, history, the sea, traditions and local crafts will allow you to discover its unique cultural and environmental heritage, which is unlike anywhere else in the world. The aim of Luna del Raccolto is for you to experience the true nature of the island of Sicily. On the site of Mokarta, you can watch the sun set among the salt pans of in the Stagnone and enjoy one of the most remarkable landscapes in Sicily, prepare cous cous by hand, or sail past the Zingaro nature reserve and dive into crystal clear waters – a holiday of once in a lifetime experiences in a beautiful setting.


Luna del Raccolto is a short work from the historical wash-house of Valderice. It is surrounded by vegetation, and has an abundant supply of a precious resource that flows underground – water. We want to protect the natural environment that surrounds it and preserve the important resources that are so often wasted nowadays, for future generations. The environmentally friendly measures adopted include water flow regulators fitted all over the building, the monitoring and collection of rainwater for various purposes, energy-efficient lighting, specially designed to reduce light pollution, and the use of ecological materials with reduced CO2 emissions. We want to offer an authentic and “conscious” experience, which cares for the beauty that surrounds us, and has the power to protect it and pass it on to future generations, as intact as possible.